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    1076 SAP Material Planning and SIOP Experts

    We are looking for highly qualified individuals for a short-term assignment to assist doing Material Planning work on an interim basis with the possibility for ra contract-to-hire situation in some cases. Need to be very skilled in the use of SAP ERP software planning modules, material planning and / or implementing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Master Production Scheduling utilizing SAP ERP.

    MetaOps Inc. has an immediate and increasing need for professionals who are interested in a 1099 sub-contracting role for an immediate 6 to 12-week assignment in the USA and for contract-to-hire and other interim assignments across the United States.

    We are looking for highly qualified ind

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    1103 Lithium Battery Manufacturing Experts

    Involved in a range of key skill areas including: Operation of Lithium Battery Manufacturing and Assembly operations, engineering of new production facilities and equipment, quality management and other technically oriented roles.

    MetaOps is seeking candidates in metro areas across the USA to be considered for roles with our growing nation-wide customer base in industries that use and / or make Lithium Batteries; both the cells and the packs.  The kinds of roles in this industry can be for interim contracting full and par

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    1087 Information Technology & MES Professionals

    Strong skills managing both implementation and day-to-day operations management in ERP systems, MES, Digital Transformation, WMS, Supply Chain Planning, SIOP Software, and others are all in demand.

    MetaOps is seeking candidates in metro areas across the USA to be considered for roles with our growing nation-wide customer base that calls on us for interim and contract-to-hire resources for Operations Leadership and Management roles in internal Information Technology and Manufacturing Executi

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    1102 Quality, Engineering & Operations – Medical Device Industry Experts

    Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ), implementing and auditing to ISO 13485/ISO 11607, work as a Bio Medical Engineer, Pharma Sciences Engineering, Mechanical Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials – chemistry engineering, Cleaning & Sterilization, Medical Device Packaging, Packaging Engineering and Labeling Technologies are all potential talent needs.

    MetaOps is seeking candidates to be considered for roles with our growing nation-wide customer base in the medical device/equipment and pharma industry.  They kinds of roles that we will need for interim, full and part-time assignments include biomechanical and biomedical engineers, quality vali

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    1101 Smartsheet Power Users with PLM and PM Skills – Contracting

    Utilize your extensive experience utilizing the Smartsheet tool set up to support complex project and program management environments. Bring expertise in setting up and linking many inter-related projects and programs along with dashboarding, controls and document management features in Smartsheet.

    MetaOps is proactively seeking to add to our network of MetaExperts individuals with deep expertise in using Smartsheet as a tool in Product Life Cycle and Project Management.  If you have an interest in contracting for part-time and full-time contracting roles, we invite you to consider MetaExp

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    1099 Injection Molding Technical Experts

    Able to provide leadership of Technical Functions such as maintenance, production management, equipment and tooling maintenance.

    MetaOps is proactively seeking to add to our network of  MetaExperts individuals with deep expertise in Injection Molding Operations Engineering and Management with an interest in contracting and contract-to-hire roles. We invite you to consider MetaExperts as a partner.  We’re building relat

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    1086 Program Management (Automotive Industry)

    You must be a self-starter with Tier 1 / Tier 2 Auto Supplier Program Management experience of at least 5 years in this field.  Some international travel and travel to visit their customer & vendor locations is required from time to time. 

    MetaOps Inc. is looking for professionals with Program Management experience in Automotive Industry. Location: Metro Detroit, MI

    This is contract-to-hire basis

    Our customer is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of metal fabrications from extrusions and stampings used in b

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    1093 Director Level – Maintenance & Repair Operations / Reliability Centered Maintenance

    Experience in large industrials such as chemical / pharma manufacturing, large-scale capital equipment manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and FMCG firms is very helpful.

    MetaOps Inc. has customers with operations nation-wide and internationally that have periodic needs for interim or contract-to-hire talent for professionals specializing in Managing Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) and Reliability Centered Maintenance. Advanced skills in Total Productive M

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