Your Consultant Rate

Referral Commissions

Passive Income

MetaExperts™ Earning Program

Your Consultant Rate

We believe Top Talent should earn Top Compensation…

We guarantee our customers they will get results and share that risk with each MetaExpert™. That means you get paid your rate* and we figure that into the rate we charge the customer for your services.

Not only do we serve as a conduit through which you and our clients connect, but we give you the added value of end-to-end support from our Transformation Architects and in-house MetaExperts™ while you are on each project. We also prep you before you start to help maximize your success from day one. Essentially, you continue to do what you do best, but with us as a partner in placement and support.

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*When determining your rate, consider that you didn’t have to do your own marketing – MetaOps is doing the selling, client management and collections for you, thus smoothing the way for a terrific MetaExpert™ experience.

Referral Commissions

Make Money without having to do billable work…

When you refer us to a potential client and when we acquire that customer’s business, you get a piece of the action. In addition, if you recommend a potential MetaExpert™ that we certify, you’ll also get a ‘thank you’ check for connecting us when they get their first project.

There are three ways to get this extra passive income:

  1. Recommend an expert – when they get placed by us on a project, you get $100. Just by sharing you get some hard cash.
  2. Passive referral – Post your referral link on your website or social media and receive 5% on net sales when we close business with a company because of your efforts to connect us.
  3. Active referral of a customer – When you don’t have the skills or time to handle a project, get 10% of the net sale (gross less the MetaExperts™ hourly/day rate) for all MetaExperts™ placed the first year with that client.*Note that an active referral is one where you are actively involved in the sales cycle and help with the client relationship.

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*This can be extended indefinitely depending on your role in the client relationship.

Passive Income

Expand your business and leverage your time…

Want to earn even more money on bigger, higher paying projects? Or earn on projects you would have to turn down because you don’t have the time or skill set to do it yourself. With MetaExperts™ it’s easy.

When you participate in the MetaExperts™ Earning Program you can earn as much as you’d make in a year doing consulting without leaving home or working virtually.

By actively promoting MetaExperts™ talent as an extension of your brand, you too can offer Extreme Top Talent Resources and:

  • Earn higher commissions on placements
  • Expand your offerings to existing and new clients
  • Have MetaOps, Inc.’s help closing contracts or handling the entire transaction – all as flexibly as you choose
  • Benefit from MetaOps, Inc. providing the management and backend resources, intellectual property and support so you don’t have to all that yourself

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All you have to do is collect your commission on net sales for every business transaction completed.

MetaExperts™ Earning Program

We developed the MetaExperts™ Earning Program to solve the number one problem most consultants face: when you’re delivering you aren’t selling, and you only earn when you are delivering. We know – We’re consultants too.

We also believe that collaboration and cooperation makes for a bigger whole for everyone. You need a team to help you grow — The MetaExperts™ Marketing team supports anyone wishing to participate in the Earning Program.

Join one of two levels of the MetaExperts™ Earning Program and start benefiting from passive income. Or start small with the referral program and upgrade to promoter later to earn even more.

Two levels:

  • MetaExpert™ Referral – passive referral partner
  • MetaExpert™ Promoter – active referral partner

How It Works

This program is designed to reward and make sure anyone who helps grow the MetaExperts™ network is supported to succeed. Each MetaExpert™ receives a tracking number that links anyone who comes to your website or social media back to you. If the organization becomes a customer, you can receive a commission — even if you never talk to them.

What’s Required

Level 1 – Referral
  • Create your personal MetaExpert™ Page on the MetaExperts™ Site (See example)
  • Acknowledge your MetaExpert™ credential on your LinkedIn and other social media linked to your personal MetaExpert™ Page
  • Post MetaExperts Lead Generation programs with your MetaExpert™ Tracking number on your website and LinkedIn Profile
  • Receive commission for any customer who comes from your personal tracking link
Level 2 – Promoter

Promoters Leverage relationships to make introductions,and they leverage their internal knowledge of clients to expand their offering and they earn higher commissions as a result. Promoters actively:

  • Post MetaExperts™ Lead Generation programs with your MetaExpert™ Tracking number on your website and LinkedIn Profile
  • Promote MetaOps, Inc./MetaExperts™ webinars and workshops to your network
  • Expand your offering to your customer base. MetaExperts™ Marketing will provide all the templates and tools to do this easily
  • Access MetaExperts™ marketing system to help you land bigger and more lucrative projects

Added Benefits:

  • Right-of-first refusal for projects you qualify for as a MetaExpert™ to do work for the client.
  • Personal profile page on the MetaExpert Website that will track leads to you for commission.
  • Free access to select MetaOps, Inc./MetaExperts™ public training programs
  • 30% discount on any certifications and/or public workshops offered by MetaOps, Inc./MetaExperts™

Commission Structure:

  • 5% – for a passive referral from tracking link
  • 10% – When you make an personal introduction and assist in the sales cycle – MetaOps, Inc. takes it from there
  • 20% – When you are a Promoter engaged in passive income opportunities and growing your business

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Stop the feast/famine cycle

When you’re delivering you’re not selling. Become a MetaExpertsTM Earning Program participant.