The Project Placement Process
1. Welcome


Once you have successfully completed the MetaExperts™ Contender vetting process, you’ll receive an email from our MetaExpert™ Administrator letting you know you are now an official MetaExpert™.

That’s the time to get started with the MetaExperts™ Earning Program and promote yourself to your network as a MetaExpert™.  Take these steps:

  1. Register for the MetaExperts™ Earning Program
  2. Post your MetaExpert™ affiliation on your LinkedIn profile
  3. Create a list of past customers or contacts to whom you may be able to offer additional services

Think about what else your customers may need that you were not able to provide.  For example:  You are a Lean Six Sigma Professional and your client also needs Supply Chain improvement.  This isn’t your area of expertise, but there are vetted Top MetaExpert™ Talent who can support this need.  Why leave dollars on the table?  Make those relationships you’ve developed payoff with extra cash in your pocket.

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2. Matched with a Project

First Project as a MetaExpert™

These are basic steps when MetaOps, Inc. has a project that matches your skills:

  1. We’ll call you to check your availability and interest in the project. If yes, we continue the process.
  2. We confirm your compensation rate which we use to determine what to bill the customer.
  3. We present your profile to the customer.
  4. We’ll coach you wow the customer.
  5. We’ll schedule a meet and greet appointment.
  6. When the customer agrees to engage, we’ll establish Statement of Work for you.
  7. You get started at the customer’s site and we begin routine reporting and tracking
3. Just a Little Paperwork

Start Out Right…

We get the paperwork and technology set-up immediately–to ensure payment is received on your end timely–once your first customer project is approved. Here’s what is needed:

  1. W-9 Form
  2. Workers Compensation Requirement form signed
  3. Electronic funds transfer application completed
  4. Smartsheet online time tracking tool accepted
  5. MetaExperts email account set up and activated
  6. MetaExperts Business cards printed and shipped
4. Invoice and Get Paid

Submitting Your First Invoice for Payment

Submit all paperwork via e-mail by Monday morning for the prior work week. Include:

  1. PDF of Time record from Smartsheet – approved by the customer representative *
  2. Completed expense report for billable expenses – Approved by the customer representative *
  3. Scanned receipts
  4. Your Invoice to MetaOps, Inc.

*An electronic approval may be an option – we will discuss this with you the first week you engage with a client.