Welcome to the MetaExperts™ Contender Onboarding Process

Your skills profile is the foundation for matching your skills with our customer's needs. There are several steps included in this profile for becoming certified including:

  1. Complete the MetaExpert™ Contender Profile. The profile is organized by industry, categories of skills, technology, credentials and project success stories/case study examples.
  2. Personal Interview. There is a link to schedule your interview towards the end of the profile form. You’ll want to plan 40 to 45 minutes for the interview.
  3. Reference Checks. No MetaExpert™ is sent out an assignment without a minimum of three supervisor/client references being checked by the MetaOps, Inc. staff.  Be sure to include your references at the end of this Profile.
  4. Master Agreement.  This agreement outlines our relationship and expedites the process when it’s time to present your skills to a client.  There’s a link on the documents page to download a sample or click to sign the digital signature doc.
  5. Professional photo and MetaExpert™ Experience Profile (MEP). The documents page has a place to upload your photo and MEP. A sample template is provided on this page.

If you have questions, you can click the ‘Help Me’ button throughout this process to email or call our office.

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