Renewable/Clean Energy Experts

MetaExperts is proactively seeking candidates to be considered for roles with our growing nationwide customer base in the Renewable / Clean / Alternative Energy, Power Storage / Delivery and Electrification Industries.  The kinds of roles vary greatly; usually interim, full and part-time assignments and contract-to-hire opportunities.

Examples of the talent needed include senior experts in supply chain/sourcing, manufacturing operations management, quality / quality engineering within various Engineering disciplines, Environmental regulation, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Wind, Hydro, Solar, Biofuel, Marine, Fuel Cell, Battery Solutions, Power Management / Delivery Solutions, and other relatable expertise.

>>> This is for Contract and Contract-to-Hire Nationwide <<<

What you’d do

Every client will have different expectations, but in general you’d be responsible for a variety of part time or full time contracting and contract-to-hire assignments involved in a range of key skill areas including New/Greenfield installations, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Operations, Continuous improvement, Environmental compliance, Maintenance, Reliability, Engineering and Project Management.

Requirements to be considered

  • Available for contracting in a variety of roles.
  • 15+ years total working experience in progressively responsible roles in work directly related to the Renewable / Clean Energy Industries.
  • Must have most of the following:
    • Applicable undergrad or higher-level degree in a related discipline.
    • Proven track record with specific examples and/or case studies available.

If you meet or exceed the requirements above, please send your resume with full work history, citizenship status and contact details.  To be considered also include your compensation requirements on a 1099 (independent contractor, non-employee basis).   MetaOps will conduct reference and background checks as part of our normal vetting process. We will require you to provide three former managers as references as part of our process.


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