Application Engineer – Automotive Metal Products Manufacturing

MetaOps Inc. is conducting a retained, confidential search for the best possible candidates for our client’s direct-hire of an Application Engineer, with a beginning salary range of $85,000.00 to $95,000.00 per year, plus vacation, benefits, and expenses.  This requires relocation to the Detroit Michigan area if not currently an area resident.

To qualify, you must substantially meet these requirements with at least 10 years of total work experience and technical expertise in these areas:

  • Strong background in mechanical engineering, with experience/exposure to bolt manufacturing and application, knowledge of bolted joint and a good Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) assembly knowledge.
  • Metallurgy basics; metals knowledge/exposure, alloyed steel as well as Aluminum and Titanium.
  • Knowledge of Standard basic testing methods on metals.
  • Knowledge of anticorrosion coatings.
  • Competency of Tribology (Coefficient of Friction knowledge).
  • Knowledge of fasteners and their characteristics, Knowledge of fasteners manufacturing industrial processes
  • FEM Finite Element Method – CAE –CAD knowledge
  • Project management skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

Soft skills

Ability to understand and make a forecast on market trends

  • Excellent communication skills

Would be considered a plus (not mandatory) knowledge of :

  • AS400
  • Italian language

In this role, you would be involved with:

  • Develop and maintain a technical relationship with customers engineering as well as customer plants reps (quality, production, logistics)
  • Support customers engineers in designing new products application in collaboration with the Q R&D
  • Predict product performance by using calculation tools
  • Support customers defining product test plans, analyzing and reporting real product performance (both static and dynamic), making proposals for alternative designs;
  • Attend meetings at Customer Plants for product application review
  • Periodically visit customer’s plants to follow up on previously discussed subject or previously occurred issues (technical, production or quality matter)
  • Support sales dpt. in forecasting market trends
  • Provide Technical support to Vice President at customers site
  • Attend meetings at Customers HQ in both N.A. and S.A.
  • Work in team with all dpt. to meet company goals
  • Provide support to plant (Quality Control, production and/or shipping dpt.) to meet customer specification

Minimum requirements to be considered:

  • 5 to 10 years of post-education work experience.
  • Applicable degree and/or certifications demonstrating proficiency.
  • Substantial and proven experience in the technical expertise noted above.
  • Three references to persons you worked for that can tell us about your capabilities from a supervisor’s perspective are required in the vetting process.
  • We conduct background checks as a condition of potential employment by our client.