1105 Environment, Health & Safety Manager

MetaOps is proactively seeking experienced Health and Safety professionals for assignments with our clients and partners across North America in 2022 and the years ahead.  Ideal candidates must have a minimum of 10 years direct work experience in Environmental, Health and Safety related roles up through a senior level in such roles as:  EHS Manager, Health and Safety Manager or other high-level leadership role.   Applicants must have a solid foundation in the use of Environmental, Health and Safety along with experience in manufacturing or automotive.  If this sounds like you and you’d entertain direct hire or contract-to-hire role, we invite you to consider MetaExperts as a partner.

>>> This is for Contracting and Contract-to-Hire <<<

What you’d do

Every client will have different expectations, but in general you’d be responsible for a variety of assignments in different roles in the EHS Management: Safety reporting (internally and externally to OSHA) regarding all recordable accidents, near miss reporting, leading actions to reduce injuries, Team meetings, root cause problem solving of injuries, ergonomic assessments, administration and reporting, training and driving a culture accident prevention.

The situation

The customer is a leading global, vertically integrated manufacturer of aluminum and iron cast and machined automotive components, providing custom engineering and manufacturing solutions for safety-critical products. Leveraging regional production in North America, South America, Europe, and China, they can respond quickly and cost-effectively to automakers’ manufacturing needs around the world, offering in-house, full-service solutions.

Automotive Plant casting and machining suspension parts for all the top automotive companies.  This plant is the number 1 knuckle manufacturer in the world.


  •  10+ years direct work experience in Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Experience in such roles as:
    • EHS Manager
    • Health and Safety Manager
    • Other high-level leadership role in manufacturing or automotive industry
  • Applicable Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Engineering or a related field.
  • Proven track record with referenced case studies in success in EHS Management

To be considered

Please reply with a resume / CV in Microsoft Word format that includes your contact information and work history. Our team will review your information and if you meet our criterion, we will contact you with an invitation to participate in our on-boarding process.



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