1095 Interim COO – Operational Transformation – Small Mfg.

Immediate opportunity for Private Equity firm seeking an interim COO for a new holding in the architectural millwork and cabinetry; mainly wood products for interior work in the South Bend, Indiana area for 3 to 6 months.  The successful COO has the opportunity for a full-time hire after a contracting period with a possible equity stake in the company.  Expected start in September 2020.

The millwork and wood products company produces between $2 to $5 million in sales annually.  The Principals are in the process of acquiring businesses in Custom Millwork space. Currently, they operate such a company in Massachusetts and are looking at acquisitions East of the Mississippi in the USA.

The person we are seeking is the (Interim) COO. S/he will have a dual role to stabilize the current operations and identify a roadmap for improved revenues, profitability, culture; and groom a potential successor from existing staff that is on board at the time the new business is being formed.

The person will need to wear an owner’s hat and behave and lead like an owner;  be self-assured and self-confident to grow someone to be a better version of themselves and a better version of her/himself.

What’s needed is a person who brings strong understanding of best practices in Human Capital Development, leading Growth and Diversification, an Entrepreneurial Orientation.  Work with existing leadership and people; and lead the development of the future team.  Good skills in best practices such as Lean Six Sigma, and a good back background in a related industry is helpful.


  1. Fill the role of COO
  2. Talent Development
  3. Growth and innovation
  4. Stabilize, build a solid high performing team.
  5. Grow profitability.
  6. Develop people into leaders who steadily advance to replace themselves.

Success Measures are:

  1. Stable cash flow, no surprises in cash flow initially.
  2. Steady growth – minimum 10% YoY growth, or more.
  3. Stable workforce. Low turnover.

If you are a person with the ability to adapt to culture prevalent in small businesses, owned and operated by a technical person for a long time where management skills and best practices may be less than typically found in a corporate environment, and you want to create an opportunity for yourself, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at this position.


  1. 15+ years of experience and held a CXO or equivalent position
  2. Possess a high level of servant leadership style that is adaptable to the situation at hand.
  3. A technical degree and / or engineering orientation is important
  4. Proven track record with reference verified case studies in transformational achievements
  5. Self-starter, works without direction and sets the example.
  6. Brings solid wisdom in rapidly building a high-performance team encompassing all disciplines in sales, development, supply chain, operations, quality and human capital.

To be considered:

If you are interested and available to be consider for this position, text back “Yes – 1095 South Bend” or Call 734-425-1455 ext. 104

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