1076 Materials Management

MetaOps is proactively seeking experienced Material Manager/Planner Professionals with experience in Automotive, SAP, creating a high level, long and medium-term material schedule, capacity and resources planning, and execution of an inventory plan for product lines, based on demand, actual orders, cumulative lead times, variability, and available inventory. Ideal candidates should have a minimum of 2 years direct work experience as a Manager/Scheduler/Planner in such roles as: Supply Planner, Materials Scheduling Supervisor or Materials Manager role.

>>> This is for Contracting and Contract-to-Hire <<<

What you’d do

Every client will have different expectations, but in general you’d be responsible for a variety of assignments in different roles in the Materials Management.  These roles could require you to step into a Supply Planner, Materials Scheduling Supervisor, Materials Manager role to help coordinate with the plants, purchasing, distribution, transportation, and finance teams to create the appropriate capacity, production, inventory, procurement, and transportation plans.


  • 2-5+ years of direct experience as a Supply Planner, Materials Scheduling Supervisor or Materials Manager.
  • Experience and skills in at least 2 following fields of expertise:
  • SAP
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Applicable Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Supply Chain Management, Business, Engineering or Finance.

To be considered

Please reply with a resume / CV in Microsoft Word format that includes your contact information and work history. Our team will review your information and if you meet our criterion, we will contact you with an invitation to participate in our on-boarding process.



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